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3817853425/05/2020 4:47:56
Original drummer to front beatles festival headlining acts The Bends The first time Steve Vai heard his band's name pop up as a member of The Bends, he couldn't believe his ears. He was just 14 when his parents gave him a DVD of Bends, the iconic Japanese band who he'd just met that summer. That night he listened to the album, and the first thing he heard was bass player Jimi Hendrix: "Wow! This is what it was like to grow up with Bends as a favorite band and a huge fan!" He was hooked. It was the beginning of a long, fulfilling relationship, and then he met his future partner: Dave Davies. It wasn't a happy one (due to a long career of roadie burnout and a number of unfortunate circumstances) but it was a happy one at heart: They fell in love, had a baby together in 2007, got married in 2010 and they have one child together. The following year, the band released their self-titled album, which proved a very big sales success, and it was their second collaboration with Dave Davies. For the rest of the decade, they toured together, with a lineup that included a few different drummers and a band from Nashville known as The Benders (a term not too long ago used to describe the Nashville trio members who have worked together for years). The Bends continued touring until 2006, but for the past three and a half years, the band has been playing in the festival circuit in a completely new way, not as Bends but as the legendary British rock band The Rolling Stones. The idea is to give fans a different view of Bends, their sound, their members. They decided to play a festival-themed set in their hometown of Sunderland with a small group of kids that included their bassist, Jeff Cox; drummer Dave Davies; guitarist Chris Brown; and drummer Peter Smith. And while they were on tour that year, a new generation of fans came to their doors. Steve Vai told me: "It was something that happened right around the time where all the kids on the tour wanted to go to the school. When we were playing in Sunderland there was a whole group of them from the school that wanted to go to the school, so I saw that coming and decided to try that. There was this kid who got here about 7:30 on a Saturday morning and he was just completely sold. It was amazing." The set didn't sell out in the traditional sense (though it would have at least been a bit more crowded), but the kids did. It's the same kind of enthusiasm they have for this tour that they see with every show in the UK: The energy and excitement is amazing. I

Wa election flux microparty running fake independent candidates and not getting elected In the lead up to today's House of Delegates (HED) meeting, the Chicago Tribune's Jason Leach reported on an unprecedented number of fake and fake independent candidates seeking office in our state. It turns out some of these candidates were actually working in the city, but it's not just these new-look candidates. Some of the fake candidates actually worked in the old-school, establishment-friendly Cook County Democratic Party and the Republican Party – as a "legitimate grassroots candidate." It seems like many of these fake candidates are running as Democrats or Republicans – not just as Democrats. According to the Tribune report: Candidates for the first HED session held last week in Cook County were new and authentic. They were former politicians who had just switched party and decided to run for office without a third-party. "We had candidates out here all across town talking to potential voters about our message," said Cook County Boardman Gary Chiappetta, a former Democrat and former chairman of the Chicago Board of Education. While there was one candidate who spoke highly of the Democratic Party, none was running under the name of Hillary Clinton. (The Cook County Democratic Party's Facebook page describes Chiappetta as a member of the party, but this was an open and transparent endorsement.) The biggest problem for real Democrats running as Republicans or independents, and they're not just running for the highest office in our democracy, is that they're being given political money – millions – to do this type of sham work. There's more on the latest scam, here. As always, read all three stories below. The Fake Independent Candidates HED Chairman Robert Reich to be speaker, but has a major problem As we've covered often, HED has a very active committee that will try and choose the next Speaker after the July primary. The HED's main target is Rep. Mike O'Brien (R-IL), who is now running for his second term. If he falls short, he'll probably have to quit. There was a new candidate running in a race against Rep. O'Brien for HED. Here's the full, original video from the Chicago Tribune: But the candidate who did well in Chicago's recent elections, who was endorsed by and Illinois Right to Life, was actually a fake independent candidate — a "Legitimate Green" candidate. It was the first time in some time that the Illinois Republican Party had endorsed an independent candidate. This raises questions about just how much is the "legitimate" Green Party money actually supporting O'Brien? The fake Independent Party of Coo
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